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21 February 2003:

The Council Cabinet meeting at York House on Tuesday, 25th Feb at 7.30 will discuss the next stage for the pool site. It's Item 19 on the Agenda on the Council's website

Click on the documents below to download them:
1. The Chief Executive's 25-page report (in .pdf form, slow to open)
2. Appendix A: Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group, 1 (.pdf)
3. Appendix A: Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group, 2 (.pdf)
4. Appendix A: Strawberry Hill Residents' Association (.pdf)
5. Appendix A: Clive Wren (.pdf)
6. Appendix A: M Landolt (.pdf)
7. Appendix A: Dawnay Day (.pdf)
8. Appendix A: Environment Trust (.pdf)
9. Appendix A: York House Society (.pdf)
10. Appendix A: Twickenham Society Group 1 (.pdf 9 pages, slow to open)
11. Appendix A: Twickenham Society Group, 2 (.pdf)
12. Appendix A:JH Vie (.pdf)
13. Appendix A: Andreas Sarhage (.pdf)
14. Appendix A: Izabela Descours (.pdf)
15. Drawings: Elevations
16. Drawings: Plan
17. Drawings: Sections

26 February 2003: UPDATE

The Council Cabinet meeting at York House on Tuesday, 25th Feb at 7.30 voted to move to the next stage for the pool site. Six recommendations were adopted, that Cabinet:

  1. Approve the submission of a planning application for the short-term scheme agreed on 10 December
  2. Request a report on proposal T1 of the UDP and/or the planning brief for the site for the 25 March 2003 meeting of Cabinet
  3. Agree that the principal commercial enabling uses for the long-term scheme will be:
    • Residential
    • A3 (e.g. restaurant/cafe uses)
    • A1 - retail
  4. Agree the following further features for inclusion in the long-term scheme to be funded by enabling development:
    • Piazza and/or square - to differentiate the public open space and promote a viable scheme
    • Other "public benefit" within the scheme (e.g. architectural or other features)
  5. Proceed to a wider competition for a public asset via the Twickenham Challenge, on the terms identified in section 3.9 in the The Chief Executive's 25-page report
  6. Agree, in principle, to the reappointment of the Council's existing external advisors for Twickenham Riverside, with a further report to the 25 March 2003 meeting of Cabinet.

In addition, a draft timetable was produced.

The Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group's protests at the proposed demolition of the pool buildings and questions about finance were discussed briefly (see their website for more information).

The Twickenham Society Group issued this press release:
"The Twickenham Society Group (TSG) strongly approves the long-term objective of a low-level scheme with well defined, accessible and usable public space and significant public benefit TSG welcomes the Twickenham Challenge.
Hopefully this will result in new ideas and lead to a sensible discussion of what the public will gain from the long-term scheme. We hope that in the not too distant future Twickenham will get a riverside scheme worthy of its setting and much enjoyed by the public."

5th April 2003: Update on the public meeting at the Church Hall, 27th March

The meeting was held by the Twickenham Society Group, and the main speaker was Tom McKevitt, Joint Development Manager, PFI & PPP, the Council officer responsible for any development on the pool site. Attendance was good and there was a stimulating discussion after Mr McKevitt's presentation of the projected plans for the site. (Click here for the TSG's notes on the Council's proposals, written for the meeting.)

Members of the audience were then given a chance to air their concerns and to ask questions on three issues: the short-term scheme, the Twickenham Challenge, and the long-term scheme. A vote was taken to establish which of the issues were the greatest concerns. These were put to Mr McKevitt to answer or take back to the Council.

Click here to see the list of questions and their ranking in importance. A longer report on the meeting and a timetable will appear shortly.

The Council's press release of 26 March gives brief summaries on the 5 groups who have submitted proposals for the the Twickenham Challenge: The Richmond Environment Trust, the Laura Sevenus Swimming School, the Duke of Edinburgh's Award Scheme, Richmond District Scouts, and the Busen Martial Arts Centre. Click here to see the press release.

14 April, 2003: The Council's application for demolition planning permission

The Council has submitted applications for planning permission to demolish part of the existing pool buildings, in order to proceed with the short term plans. The Applications, 03/1141/FUL and 03/1142/CAC are online.

If you write in opposition (or support) please quote the application numbers in your letter.

Copies of letters should also be sent to the Government Office for London (GOL):
Mr J Pierce
Government Office for London
9th floor
Riverwalk House
157-161 Millbank
London SW1P 4RR

SHORT TERM SCHEME: Tom McKevitt has given permission to reproduce the paper he presented to the Twickenham Society Group meeting on 27 March. Click here to see the paper with diagrams of the garden area and children's play area.

1 August 2003

On 31st July, the Council's Planning Committee voted to proceed with the short term scheme to demolish part of the pool building and put seating along the Embankment and a children's play area along Wharf Lane.

Concerns raised by residents included:

  1. that the scheme will last longer than 5 years
  2. the 1.8 height of the mesh fencing around the play area
  3. the nature of the fencing
  4. the lack of provision of public toilets
(The toilets at the foot of Water Lane were closed two months ago and the Council does not intend to re-open them, or to provide toilets within the new scheme. The only public toilets remaining are in the Civic Centre, during office hours, and the coin-operated one at Twickenham Green.)

As the site is in a conservation area, the application for demolition of the old pool building has to be approved by the Government Office for London. No timetable is available at the moment.

More details will follow, as soon as they're published.

For the meeting agenda, see the Council's website.

29 August 2003: Twickenham Society Group Poolsite update

3 October 2003: Short term scheme called in to Planning Inquiry

Letter from the Government Office for London: "The First Secretary of State considers that the development proposals may raise issues which conflict with government guidance for Conservation Areas (PPG15 - Planning and the Historic Environment). He has therefore decided to call in the application for public inquiry and his own decision." Click here for the full text.

8 November 2003

The Council Leader's report to Cabinet, 11 November
Proposed changes to the "short-term" development include a café, loos (in modular form - the term is unexplained) and a baby-changing area. In addition, a new time scale and costs are laid out.

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