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29 October 2004: Demolition for short term scheme to begin

Eugenia Ltd of Raynes Park are main contractors for the project. Work on the pool site will commence on 1st November, and demolition of the pool building itself will start on 8th November.

Construction traffic will enter the area via Water Lane and leave via Wharf Lane. The main exit point for the site will be the junction of the service road and Wharf Lane.

Work, including the construction of the playground, is expected to be completed towards the end of March, 2005.

We've received the following from the Council (with thanks to Tom McKevitt):

  1. Letter from Trevor Pugh, setting out the suspension of parking bays adjacent to the poolsite (.pdf, 818kB)
  2. Letter from Eugena Ltd, describing: scaffolding, hoarding and fencing; construction traffic and road use; site entrance and exit; parking; deliveries; working hours; and methods to minimise disruption; and contact details (.pdf, 55kB)
  3. Diagram of temporary parking suspensions (1st to 15 November and 1st January to 31st March 2005) (.pdf, 32kB)
  4. A site diagram for the construction period (.pdf, 157kB).

Planning Committee Meeting, 14 October
Planning Officer's report (.pdf, 128 kB)

(updated 4 Nov 2004)

Council Cabinet Meeting 14 Sept 2004

Click here for the Council's report on the consultation on the revised UDP for the Riverside, plus the minutes of the meeting. Issues include the wording on the provision of public toilets and public open space on the Riverside.

17 Sept 2004: Planning Application lodged for the Short-term Scheme

Notice of the application

Details of Planning Application - 03/1141/DD01
Includes illustrations of the plan elevations and sections, proposed street furniture, light fittings, fences, plantings and landscaping.

Protest: lack of Public Toilets in Twickenham Saturday 24 July 2:00pm

A protest in an attempt to re-open public lavatories in Twickenham is scheduled to take place on Saturday afternoon, July 24 at 2pm outside the now defunct public lavatories in Water Lane, Twickenham. Please come!

(posted 18 July 2004)

11 July, 2004 - Notice of a Public Meeting

The Keep Twickenham Tidy group held a meeting at St Mary's Church Hall, Church St, Twickenham, on Tuesday, 13 July at 7.30 pm to discuss the provision of toilet facilities in the town centre, and the lack of amenities for young people. Inventor Trevor Baylis was one of the speakers.

For more information, please contact John Perry on 8892 1763.


The Secretary of State has granted conservation area consent for the Council's short term scheme.

ODPM: Poolsite decision letter (.pdf, 4 pages, 158kb)

Inspector's Report on Called-In Application for the Twickenham Pool (.pdf, 29 pages, 270kb)

2 April, 2004

The UDP Inquiry Inspector's report has been released.
The UDP Inspector's report
The UDP Inspector's covering letter (.pdf, 273kb, 8 pages)
UDP Inspector's report: Twickenham section (.pdf, 184kb, 25 pages.) The first 5 pages relate to the Twickenham Riverside.

1 April, 2004

Please note: the documents in this section relating to the Public Inquiry into the proposed Short-term development on the pool site were produced by the participants. They do not represent the views of the Inspector, who has yet to make his report.

TSG's notes on the Inquiry, 20 Feb 2004, Dr Edis & Mr Fearon Brown, on behalf of the Council
TSG's notes on the Inquiry, 26 Feb 2004, Paul Freer for the Council
TSG's notes on the Inquiry, 26 Feb 2004, Tom McKevitt for the Council
TSG's notes on the Inquiry, 26 Feb 2004, Andrea Sarhage in support of Clive Wren

The Council's closing statement - Document provided by the Council, who are responsible for any errors or omissions (61 pages, 548kb .pdf).

The Inquiry finished in mid-afternoon on Friday 27 February, after discussion of conditions which may be imposed by the Inspector in his report, and closing statements. The final report is expected by the end of May.

Closing statements:
Twickenham Society Group (see also the note about the TSG below)
Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group
Clive Wren (10 pages, 92kb .pdf)
Robin Walters (local resident)

Proofs of evidence from the Council group:
Dr Jonathan Edis, CgMs Ltd and Summary, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3
Paul Freer, LBRuT, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Peter Fearon Brown, Dearle & Henderson, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3
Peter Mansell, Dearle & Henderson
Tom Mckevitt, LBRuT, Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Appendix 1, Appendix 2, Appendix 3
Notes on the first 3 days of the Public Inquiry into the Council's short-term scheme

Twickenham Society Group Presentations:
Derek Plummer (Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames)
John Bell (Friends of Twickenham Green)
Adam Brand (York House Society)
Bill Double (Eel Pie Island Association)
Yvonne Hewett (Thames Eyot Residents' Association)

Other Presentations:
Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group (Rule 6 status) Proof of Evidence
Clive Wren (Rule 6 status) Proof of Evidence (.pdf, 19 pages, 141kb)
Robin Walters (local resident)

What it's all about:
Council Officer Tom McKevitt's paper on the short-term scheme (with illustrations)
A plan drawing of the proposed short term development (from Council papers 25 Feb 2003 .pdf, slow download)
Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group
UDP Planning Inspector's report (.pdf, 5 pages, 160 kb)
"The Public Consultations" - Jack Betteridge's analysis (from 2001 and still relevant)

13 February 2004

The Public Inquiry into the Council's short term scheme began on Wednesday 11 Feb, and so far has heard from Clive Wren - opposing the scheme; the Twickenham Riverside Terrace Group - opposing the scheme; and the Twickenham Society Group - broadly in favour of the scheme, with clear reservations.

There have also been submissions from private individuals: Ian Tyson, resident of Eel Pie Island, Howard Vie, Robin Walters from the Strawberry Hill Residents' Association, and - by letter - Maureen Payan, the organiser of HANDS, the local charity that is the sole tenant of the pool site.

A more complete report will follow. Proceedings have run out of time, so the inquiry will reconvene on Friday 20 February at 10.00, in the Council Chamber. That will be to hear the Council's case, presented by Dr Edis and Mr Fearon Brown (for Dearle & Henderson). In addition, there will be sittings on Thursday 26 February to hear the Council's case presented by Paul Freer of the Planning Dept, and Tom McKevitt. Conclusions will be heard on Friday 27 February.

(Germane to the inquiry is the UDP Planning Inspector's first report on Twickenham Riverside, which includes clear recommendations regarding open space in any development proposed for the Pool site. (.pdf, 5 pages, 160 kb).)

31 January 2004

This sets out the Twickenham Society Group's arguments, with supporting documents which will be presented as part of the evidence. Click here for the Proof of Evidence, in .pdf format (17 pages, 302kb).

The Twickenham Society Group is an affiliation of groups of local residents who have come together out of concern for the community aspects of the redevelopment of the Twickenham pool site. We include representatives from the Twickenham Society, the Eel Pie Island Association, the Environment Trust for Richmond upon Thames, Friends of Twickenham Green, the Marble Hill Society, Strawberry Hill Residents Association, Thames Eyot Residents Association, and the York House Society.

The modifications to the UDP relating to the Riverside are pertinent to the Inquiry. The UDP First review is on the Council's website (.pdf 16 pages, 129kb).

The UDP Planning Inspector has delivered his first report on Twickenham Riverside, which includes clear recommendations regarding open space in any development proposed for the Pool site.

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