Twickenham Pool Site Development

River Use Working Group Report

28th October, 1999

River & Riverside Opportunities, Practicalities and Threats for the Development of the Pool Site



Executive Summary & Recommendations



Terms of Reference & Membership of the working group

Riverside strategic issues

Current usage of the river and riverside

The Twickenham riverside development: Introduction


1. Increased river usage

2. Public Open Spaces: the Piazza, Market Square & Water Feature

3. The Eel Pie Centre (provisional name)

4. The Embankment

5. The Commercial Development

Threats to the Riverside from the schemes proposed to date

Implications for the development’s Design

Implications for traffic and access

The Working Party’s Recommendations



Appendix 1: Scale and financial return on buildings

Appendix 2: Current riverside activity

Appendix 3: Membership of working group

Appendix 4: Letter from TLS

Appendix 5: From London Wildlife Trust

Appendix 6: Eel Pie Centre displays

Appendix 7: The Embankment

Appendix 8: The June Proposals


List of Illustrations

Figure 1 -- The Twickenham Swimming Pool Site

Figure 2 -- Tidal Flood Levels

Figure 3 -- Location of the Pontoon

Figure 4 -- The Pontoon

Figure 5 -- Robert Bowcock's September design

Figure 6 -- Improvements to the Embankment

Figure 7 -- A possible configuration for the site, fom the June report

Figure 8 -- The site with a hotel, from the June report


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