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Science Projects - Press Release

Science Projects is a local charitable company with a world-wide reputation and we are delighted to be invited to make a proposal to set up a hands-on river-related discovery centre for the redevelopment of the old Twickenham pool site. In the fifteen years the charity has been in operation we have set up and run the ground-breaking travelling centre, The Discovery Dome, designed many hands-on centres world-wide, and set up our own permanent centres in Norwich and at Herstmonceux in East Sussex. We very much look forward to adding a third centre to this network.

Hands-on centres are vibrant and creative ways of entertaining and educating people of all ages - from the youngest toddler to the oldest pensioner. They provide a myriad of ways to spark the imagination and stimulate learning and discovery in all of us. Whether it be science, history, archaeology or art, the hands-on approach has proven a vivid means of bringing the subject to life.

Each of our centres is unique, designed to reflect its locality and to have strong links with its local community. With our headquarters a short distance down-river in Hammersmith, we are local and many of our staff live on the river. We are pleased to have the opportunity to use our experience and expertise to create Twickenham's own hands-on centre which will add both enjoyment and education to any visit to Twickenham Riverside.

Examples of our work internationally include Jersey Maritime Museum, RAF Museum in Hendon, Wetlands Centre, The Children's Discovery Centre in the United Arab Emirates, the Science Museum and the soon-to-be-opened new Science Centre in Glasgow. Find out about us from our website at:

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