Twickenham Riverside Development


27th June: The Government Office for London requests an Environmental Impact Assessment
An EIA covers much more than the effect a development will have on the flora and fauna in an area. It requires a thorough assessment of the social impacts, including the effect on the population, the emissions of noise and light, and the amount of water and air pollution resulting from both the construction and the operation of the development. Results have to be delivered in clear, non-technical language, and once an EIA has been ordered it must be completed and delivered before planning permission can be granted.

Information and a copy of the Guidelines on producing an EIA are on the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister's website:

The Index to the Guidelines
The Guide to Procedures - this is an Adobe Acrobat file and may take a while to download
New Notes on the Regulations - this page also has an address for the printed version of the Guide

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