Traffic and Parking Working Group

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4 November, 1999

(to be reflected in the Development Brief)
1. The implications of the development with regard to traffic flows and parking demands, both on the site and elsewhere in the town centre, should be considered by the developer and resolved to the satisfaction of the Borough and the Town Centre Management Board (through the Board's Traffic and Access Working Group). The design of the site should take account of potential changes, during the life of the scheme, in attitudes towards traffic accommodation.
2. The following requirements should be satisfied:-
i. Water Lane and Wharf Lane should continue to operate one-way (south-eastbound and north-westbound respectively).
ii. The contra-flow cycle lane in Wharf Lane should be retained.
iii. The service road at the rear of King Street south should be extended to Water Lane and subject to traffic management measures such that pedestrians using the access to the site from King Street ("The Avenue") are safeguarded and given priority. This may mean keyed barriers or bollards for vehicles crossing the Avenue.
iv. Use of the Embankment west of Water Lane for both movement and parking by disabled people, local residents and servicing traffic is to be limited as far as possible to the extent necessary for the enjoyment and efficient operation of the area. Differential management regimes should be considered for weekday, evening and weekend use. In any event the Embankment should be landscaped and paved to provide a pedestrian-friendly environment.
v. Space should be provided at the bottom of Water Lane, in the vicinity of the Eel Pie Island Bridge, for delivery vehicles and emergency service vehicles.
vi. Thirty-one spaces should be provided in the vicinity of the site for the use of current local residents. These are to be formed from, or in place of, the 45 dual-use and 11 resident-only spaces (together with 5 business-use spaces) now located on the Embankment west of Water Lane.
vii. The twenty-six spaces now provided for the use of tenants of King Street South in a private car park off Water Lane should be replaced within the vicinity of the site (unless the terms of the leases which require the provision of these spaces are renegotiated to reduce or eliminate the obligation).
viii. Any on-street spaces displaced from Wharf Lane or Water Lane due to the scheme should be relocated within the vicinity of the site.
ix. Parking spaces for residents of the proposed development should be provided in appropriate quantity in the vicinity of the site as part of an enlarged pool of residents' spaces but, consistent with current practice for Embankment and Eel Pie island properties, without specific allocation of spaces to dwellings**.
x. The layout of on-street parking should have regard to flood patterns. In this regard the scope for additional parking on the margins of the site at Water Lane and Wharf Lane or on the margins of the sections of Service Road east and west of the Avenue (each operating two-way for light vehicles) should be considered.

** It must be noted that views of the Working Party were divided on this issue, with some considering that the proposed housing on this town centre site should be "car-free".

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