Public Meeting, St Mary's Church Hall, Twickenham, Mon 20th March at 8.00 pm


The Thames Landscape Strategy emphasises the rarity of a landscape that combines a working waterfront and a public promenade. The Embankment is hugely popular with the public because of its situation and ambience. Yet, the last serious upgrading was over 30years ago, in 1975.

For the last 20 or so years, attention has been focussed on redevelopment of the poolsite. Meanwhile the Embankment has been permitted to deteriorate at the river level, to degrade at surface level and the approaches have been dramatically altered by development. Changes of ownership on Eel Pie Island are providing opportunities for developers to convert working boatyards to offices and residences.

Various amenity groups, statutory bodies and commercial boatyards recognise there is a problem and they have intentions, ideas, and in some instances, proposals for doing something about some part of the overall problem.

The purpose of this meeting is to bring together the major players, local heritage and amenity groups and the public to see whether it is possible to begin to develop an integrated vision for the reinvigoration and secure future of the Twickenham Waterfront.


The meeting is being arranged by the Twickenham Society in conjunction with the Eel Pie Island Association, Environment Trust for Richmond-on-Thames, Keep Twickenham Tidy, Richmond Environmental Centre, River Thames Society, Thames Landscape Strategy and York House Society.

The meeting will begin with short, 10 min, presentations from:

Elizabeth Wood, local resident, historian and member of numerous local heritage and amenity will outline the history and nature of the current problems)

Followed by:

  • Speakers from LBRuT
  • Speaker from the Port of London Authority
  • Speaker from the Environment Agency
  • Jason Debney (Thames Landscape Strategy)
each of whom will present their vision for the Waterfront.

This will be followed general discussion, in which there will be opportunity for local groups and members of the public to present their views and ideas.


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