April, 2005 - The Hornbeam, corner Wharf Lane and the service road

Hornbeam, 30 Oct 04

The hornbeam was a landmark on the pool site, in a prominent position on the south west corner of the area. This picture was taken on 30 October, 2004.

The line of hornbeams running along the back of the pool site. This picture was taken across the site from the corner of the Embankment and Wharf Lane, 5 March 2005. The largest tree on the extreme left has been destroyed.

The line of trees, 5 Mar 05

After "reduction". 24 March 2005.

7 am, 8 April 2005. The tree and the retaining wall look perfectly solid.

Tree, 7am, 8 Apr 05
Tree gone.

5pm, 8 April 2005. The tree's gone, leaving the corner bare.

Sad end for a healthy tree. 9 April 2005.

Hornbeam stump, 9 April 05
Gap beside HANDS, 24 March 05

Another area to keep an eye on: this is the gap between the HANDS house and the poolsite, on 24 March 2005.

The gap on 30 October 2004.

Gap beside HANDS, 30 Oct 04

All pictures copyright © Yvonne Hewett.

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